Kanyakumari Thiruvalluvar Statue Guide

Kanyakumari Thiruvalluvar Statue History

Thiruvalluvar Statue is one of the popular tourist spots in Kanyakumari. Thiruvalluvar Statue is one of the biggest statues in India located at top of the small island in Kanyakumari, nearby the merging of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean. It is also known as Valluvar Statue. It is a 133 feet tall stone sculpture. The view from this point is quite breathtaking and pleasing to the eyes.

This statue of Saint Thiruvalluvar represents great historical importance as well as it is giving respect to the great teaching of Saint Thiruvalluvar. This sky touching statue surrounded by the vast spread of ocean.

In 1979, the foundation of Thiruvalluvar statue was started by the Prime Minister of that time, respected Morarji Desai. However, the actual installation and the sculpting started in 1990. The construction was completed in the year 1999. It was inaugurated by the then chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr. M. Karunanidhi on 1 January 2000.

For the construction of this majestic statue which is dedicated to the greatest Author and poet Valluvar, around 500 sculptors were engaged. The stone were brought from Pattumala Kuppam, Sirudhamoor and Ambasamudram hills for this statue. This stone sculpture has been designed to withstand natural disasters like earthquake.

Kanyakumari Thiruvalluvar Statue Entry Fee/

The charge for ferry services is Rs.20 per person from the shore to the statue. There is no facility for online Booking.

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