How to reach Dhanushkodi from Rameshwaram

Dhanushkodi History

Dhanushkodi is the last land of India and that’s why it excites most of the travelers to visit here. Dhanushkodi is located at the tip of Pamban island in the state of Tamilnadu in India. It is one of the calmest and beautiful places o visit in India. It has been a point of attraction due to the famous Ram Setu.

There are a lot of tumbledown buildings here which were destroyed by the tsunami that had devastated this region a few years back. They stand there as a memory to the rage that mother nature can do.

Further down there is the Dhanushkodi Point where you can witness the meeting of two major water bodies namely, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean, which is an absolute pleasure to see.

It draws a lot of tourists who come here in search of the lost route of Ram Setu and you can see these enthusiasts searching for hints of the bridge. It is one of those places that every person should visit atleast once in their lifetime.

How to reach Dhanushkodi from Rameshwaram Directions

The distance between Rameshwaram and Dhanushkodi is around 19 km. Dhanushkodi doesn’t┬áhave any Railway Station. The nearest Railway Station is Rameshwaram, which is at a distance of 21 km. If you want to reach Dhanushkodi, you can go in either Cab or Car.

There is also the facility of Buses. Or you also hire a Jeeb Ride. Autos are not suitable to reach there. You can find Cabs and Buses everywhere in Rameshwaram. The Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi journey is a 40 mins drive that is sure to leave one mesmerized.

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