Bhima River Pushkaralu 2018 Ghats in Telangana

Bhima River Pushkaralu 2018 Ghats in Telangana

Pushkaralu or Pushkara is referred Pushkara Navama that purifies that purifies the quality of the planet in it. Bhima Pushkaralu is a Hindu festival of River Bhima. It happens after every 12 years at the bank of Bhima River when the Jupiter is in Vrishchika( Scorpio) Zodiac Sign. As during the Holy Period of Pushkaralu, it is believed that Lord Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu reside in the rivers, bathing in the river is considered very auspicious and giving us the benefit of bathing Three and a half crore Holy rivers. And this year the Pushkaram which will occur in October is called Maha Pushkaram, as all the Zodiac Signs are aligned which occurs once in 144 years, so this year is very special.

And this would be the first time Bhim Pushkaralu would happen in newly formed state Telangana. The last time Bhima Pushkaralu held was in 2006 when Telangana State was not formed. Thus it would be organized on a large scale so that it could be a memorable event.

Bhima River Pushkaralu 2018 Ghat Places in Telangana

Bhima River is a major River in South India. It flows through Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana before meeting Krishna River. The banks that come across Bhima River are called Pushkara Ghats. The government of Telangana is planning for the construction of Pushkara Ghats so that there should be no problem faced by Devotees.

Ghats for 2018 are listed below

  • Kusumoorthy Village, Maganoor Mandal
  • Tangidid Village, Maganoor Mandal
  • Gadwal Mandal
  • Alampalle, Maganoor Mandal
  • Kathepalle Village, Atmakur Mandal
  • Gudeballur Village, Maganoor Mandal
  • Pasupala Ghat, Maktal Mandal
  • Musalaipalli Village, Maktal Mandal
  • Sukralingampally Village, Krishna Mandal

Bhima River Pushkaralu 2018 Ghat Places in Andhra Pradesh

Bhima merges into the Krishna along the border between Karnataka and Telangana about 24 km north of Raichur. At the point where the two rivers meet, the Bhima is actually longer than the Krishna in length. As the Bhima River merges in the Krishna river in Telangana river itself, there are no ghats in Andhra Pradesh as the river does not flow through Andhra Pradesh.

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