Baywatch Kanyakumari Dress Code Location

Baywatch Kanyakumari Location

Baywatch is the only Theme park in South Tamilnadu which comes next to Athisayam. It is located at the seashore of Kanyakumari. Visiting here is a good entertainment for all age people. It is especially for the Children. They can enjoy this park better. There are many attractions in Kanyakumari and among them, Baywatch Park is responsible for attraction of about 45% of the tourist. 

There are joyrides that are specially designed to give the tourists feel of beachside fun with a sense of safe adventure. There are rides, which are not water theme-based, but the real fun is with the joy rides that allow you to sunbathe and play with water.

There are also swimming pools which are especially for children and provides facilities for changing the cloths as well. Some of the joyrides in the water theme amusement park, Kanyakumari include various rides like giant wheels, hot tea-cups, crazy chairs, bumping cars, sky cab, wave pool, Columbus, multiple splash and Milkyway.

Baywatch Kanyakumari Dress Code

There is no special Dress Code for Baywatch Park. You can visit here wearing any Comfortable Cloth which would be comfotable even if the cloth get wet. Avoid wearing saree or Dhoti. Also avoid wearing short Dresses like skirt or Shorts and any Formal Dress.

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