Thanjavur Airavatesvara Temple Timings

Thanjavur Airavatesvara Temple

The Airavatesvara Temple is a very famous temple of the Hindus. It is a great Masterpiece. It is situated in Darasuran town near Kumbakonam in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The temple was constructed in the 12th Century CE by Rajaraja Chola II during the rule of powerful Cholan Dynasty.

The temple is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some other temples were also built along with the Airavatesvara temple the Chola rulers only. The Chariot Shaped Agra Mandapam is the Attraction of this Temple. Daily thousands of Devotees visit there to seek blessings the God and praise the beautiful Architecture of the Temple. The Temple has beautiful sculpture and paintings.

This Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple displays respect Shaktism and Vaishnavism traditions of the religion of Hinduism together with the legends related to the Nayanars. It is named Airvatesvara after the White Elephant which is the vehicle of Lord Indra.

Airavatha is said to have worshiped Lord Shiva at this location to regain its white color after suffering from a curse from Sage Durvasa for disrespecting him. It is also said about this Temple that Lord Yama prayed to the Deity to get rid off burning sensations all over his body.

Thanjavur Airavatesvara Temple Timings

It is open all days of the week from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

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