Shirdi Temple Online Donation Procedure Benefits

Shirdi Temple Online Donation Procedure Benefits

Sai Baba Temple of Shirdi is one of the well known and respected Temple in the Country. Every year it gets a large amount of Charity and Donation. Some people also donate their Hair after fulfillment of some kind of “Mannat”. There are various ways to give Donation. But one of the best ways of Donation is through Online Procedure. It is both easy and fast. If you want to do online Donation, below is procedure and details mentioned for the Donation.

For online Donation, you can follow the below-mentioned link which is safe and secured.

You will get Receipt of the Donation directly delivered to your home address. You can perform the e- Donation both through your Credit or Debit Card. Don’t forget to Read and agree to our “Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions” before entering to online Donation

AXIS Bank Customers can perform donation through

HDFC Bank customers can make the online donation on –

UNION Bank of India customers can perform online donation on –

SBI Bank customers can make an online donation by internet banking on  –

You can also make the donation to Sai Baba Sansthan by using Internet Banking of SBI. For this, you have to simply log on to with your credentials and go to Payment and click on make donation link. After selecting the debit account, select the religious/charitable institution whom you want to offer the donation. After successful payment, you can print an E-receipt for the donation made. It will be delivered to your address if needed.

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