Shirdi Satyanarayan Pooja Timings

Shirdi Satyanarayan Pooja Timings

Shri Satyanarayan Puja is performed to seek the blessing of God Narayan which is known to be one of the forms of Lord Vishnu. God Narayan is considered an embodiment of truth. Well, there is no fixed day to perform Satyanarayan Pooja but if one performs it during Purnima or Pournami, it is considered highly auspicious.

Around 150 couples can take part in this pooja at one time. All pooja articles/ samagri for Sai Satya Narayan vrat pooja are provided by the temple itself.  The devotees need not bring any pooja samagri for the pooja. Devotees who want to take part in this pooja should manage to get their places booked in advance, before the scheduled dates of pooja by paying the required amount at the temple stall. Any devotee who wants to participate in the Sai Satyanarayan Pooja is needed to contact the resource person at the Stall, in the temple premises.

Devotees should observe the fast on Pooja day. The Pooja could be done in the morning as well as in the evening. However, performing Satyanarayan Puja in the evening is considered better as devotees can break the fast with Prasada of the Pooja in the evening.

Timings for 2019

21 January (Monday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Paush Purnima)
19 February (Tuesday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Magha Purnima)
20 March (Wednesday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Phalguna Purnima)
19 April (Friday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Chaitra Purnima)
18 May (Saturday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Vaishakha Purnima)
17 June (Monday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Jyeshtha Purnima)
16 July (Tuesday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Ashadha Purnima)
15 August (Thursday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Shravana Purnima)
13 September (Friday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Bhadrapada Purnima)
13 October (Sunday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Ashwin Purnima)
12 November (Tuesday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Kartik Purnima)
11 December (Wednesday) Shri Satyanarayan Vrat (Margashirsha Purnima)

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