Rudrabhishek in Somnath Temple Timings, Procedure, Online Booking

Rudrabhishek in Somnath Temple Timings, Procedure, Online Booking

Shree Somnath is one of the twelve Aadi Jyotirlings in the Country. It has a majestic location on the western coast of India. It is first Jyotirling.

There is a close relationship of Somnath with the release of Chandra (Moon God)from the curse of his father-in-law Daksha Prajapati according to ancient Indian traditions. Moon was married to Twenty-Seven daughters of Daksha. And he favored Rohini and neglected other queens. The angry Daksha cursed Moon and the Moon lost the power of light. After the advice of Prajapita Brahma, Moon arrived at the Prabhas Teerth and worshipped Bhagwan Shiva. Pleased with the great self-punishment and devotion of Moon, Lord Shiva blessed him and relieved him from the curse of darkness. It is believed that Moon had built a golden temple, followed by a silver temple by Ravana. After then Lord Shree Krishna is believed to have built Somnath temple with Sandalwood.

The Timings of the Somnath Temple are

Darshan – 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Morning Aarti- 7:00 AM

Afternoon Aarti- 12:00 PM

Evening Aarti- 7:00 PM

Various kind of Poojas that are performed in the Temple along with their cost are listed below

Pathatmak Atirudra ₹2,51,000/-
SamputMaha mrityunjay jap with Dasavn Havan ₹51,000/-
Maha mrityunjay jap ₹25,000/-
Pathatmak Maharudra ₹25,000/-
Pathatmak Lagurudra ₹11,000/-
Maharudra poojan ₹5,500/-
Milk Abhisek & Mahapooja ₹3,500/-
Mahapooja ₹2,500/-
Rudrahisek ₹2,100/-
Kaal Sharpa yog Shanti ₹11,000/-
Graha Shanti Pooja ₹11,000/-


For further information about the Rudrabhishek in the Temple, you can contact Shri. Sanjaybhai Joshi, Temple Supervisor. His contact number is 94282 14915.


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