Koodal Azhagar Temple Timings Dress Code

Koodal Azhagar Temple Timings Dress Code

Koodal Azhagar Koil is a famous Hindu temple which is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. It is thus one of the 108 divyadesams (or you can call it holy abodes) of the deity and hence it witnesses a large number of devotees offer their prayers here. Like most temples here, the vimana over the main shrine has beautiful scenes beautifully carved over it in different and colourful shades. The temple is built in three levels, with each level flauting a different pose of Lord Vishnu. The first level of Lord Vishnu as Alagar which is in a seated position, the second has him in his reclining avatar who is Shri Ranganatha and in the top most level you can see him stading as Sri Surya Narayana Perumal. Lord Vishnu is said to be the brother of Meenakshi Amman, and just a procession of his idol is carried out in a chariot during the month of April or May, where it joins the Chitra Festival and the marriage of Meenakshi to Sundareshwar.

You can follow the following Dress Code if you wish. Your dressing should be comfortable and sober.

  1. Dress code for men: No shorts are allowed. Lungis and caps are allowed. And only full pants and shirt are allowed.
  2. Dress code for women: No western outfits are allowed. If any sleeveless kurtis or suit is worn, it must be covered with a shawl.

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