Dress Code in Varanasi

Dress Code in Varanasi

There is no particular clothing specified for a visit to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple, but there is a general dress code that you should follow. Visitors to the temple must cover their arms and legs. Here Indian traditional dresses are not compulsory. Western clothes are also allowed. Varanasi is a spiritual place. It is very closely linked with Indian culture. You should wear decent clothing throughout your trip. These clothing would avoid awkward stares from locals.

  • During Summer :

    During the summer, the temperature is very high and humid. It is advisable to wear light clothing. Cotton is the best material to choose from. Since you will be doing a lot of walking around the city, it is better to wear walking shoes or flip-flops. You would be requested to leave your footwear outside the temples and also the safety of your footwear is not guaranteed. So, you should not wear any expensive footwear.

  • During Rainy :

    The showers will not be heavy and harsh but there will be continuous showers, which will make the place, slippery. So, Choose strong gripped shoes and avoid heals. Boots can be preferred. Always Carry an umbrella or raincoat with you. Thick cotton is good during daytime. If you are planning to tour during evening, opt mild wool dresses. A thin jacket over your dress will also be sufficient.

  • During Winter :

    During Winter, Jackets and warm wear are essential. Winter nights are very cold and thus, thick jackets and shawls are necessary. If you are planning to take an early morning trip in winter, keep in mind about the foggy climate. Also Carry Vaseline or moisturizer with you during winter.

  • Miscellaneous tips for Clothing :

    • Leave your footwear outside before entering anyone’s house or temple.
    • Wear Sunglasses while visiting in summer.
    • Both men and women should wear clothing that falls below one’s knees.
    • Carry a towel with you if you are planning to take a bath at the Ghat, as Changing rooms are not available near the river.
    • Varanasi is a very crowded place, especially during festivals. It is advisable not wear expensive jewelry and loose hanging expensive accessories.

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