Cleanest Ghat in Varanasi for Bathing

Cleanest Ghat in Varanasi for Bathing

Before visiting Varanasi, you would have been under the impression that the city was filthy. You would have seen pictures of ghats, which are definitely not pleasing to the eye. But your one visit to Assi ghat would definitely change your perception to an extent.
Assi ghat is undoubtedly the cleanest ghat in Varanasi. Although a lot of people take bath in that side of the Ganga, the ghat is well maintained. At the Assi Ghat, you will experience the true “Banarasi” flavor of priests sitting under massive bamboo umbrellas, old men chatting away for hours and chewing beetle nut and paan, and a wave of tourists and locals alike flocking to visit the temples; the ghat has a different vibe altogether.

Each morning at Assi ghat starts with the Vedic chanting by the girls of Panini Kanya Vidyalaya along with the Aarti by young priests facing the eastern side of the Ganges. This is followed by a long and mesmerizing classical music concert, organized by “Subah-e-Banaras”. The vacant boats tied to the ghat rocking gently with the flow of the river are a sight to watch, early in the morning.

The three most important ghats in Varanasi are Manikarnika, Dasaswamedh and Panch-Ganga. To bath at these three ghats is known as Tri-Tirtha Yatra. Assi Sangam and Varuna Sangam are also important. To take bath in these five places is known as Panch-Tirtha Yatra. You are supposed to bathe in these five ghats in a spwcific order. First, you have to take bath in Assi Ghat, then Dasaswamedh Ghat, then the Ghat by the Adi Keshava Temple near the Varuna River, then Panch-Ganga and then Manikarnika. After taking the bath at these five places, most pilgrims then go for ‘Darshan’ of Vishwanath, Annapurna, and Sakshi Vinayaka. It is being said that if you bathe in these five places, all in the same day and in the mentioned order, you will not get another material body. You can also do Panch-Tirtha Yatra by boat, but it is better if you do it by foot.

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