Bhima River Pushkaralu Dates Timings 2018

Bhima River Pushkaralu Dates Timings 2018

The Bhima Pushkaram is the Pushkaram river festival organized on the banks of the Bhima river. Pushkaram is an Indian festival which is celebrated by worshiping the 12 Holy Rivers associated to a particular Zodiac Sign, whenever the planet Guru transits from one Zodiac Sign to another. Bhim Pushkaralu happens after every 12 years at the bank of Bhima River. As during the Holy Period of Pushkaram, it is believed that Lord Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu reside in the rivers. Thus bathing in the river is considered very auspicious. And also give us the benefit of bathing in all the three and a half crore holy rivers.

Bhimas Maha Pushkaram 2018

And this year the Pushkaram which will occur in October is called Maha Pushkaram, as all the Zodiac Signs are aligned which occurs once in 144 years.

Bhima River Pushkaralu Dates Timings 2018

Starting Date of Bhima Pushkaralu: 11 October 2018, Thursday : 7.18 PM

Ending Date of Bhima Pushkaralu: 23 October 2018

This year, on , Guru Graha will enter Vrushchika Zodiac Sign from Tula Zodiac Sign, starting the Pushkaralu. Bhima Pushkaralu is to be held from 12 October 2018 to 23 October 2018. Bhima Pushkaralu is occurring at Bhimashankar, one of the 12 Jyotirlinga. There is proper arrangement of changing room and Toilet for this period of 12 days. As thousands of devotees will attend this Holy event to take bath to get rid of all their sins, proper security arrangements are done for the crowd. There is proper assurance for the cleanliness at bathing ghats. Bhima River flows through Maharastra and Telangana and then join Krishna River at Tangidigi Village. There is also proper arrangements for Parking spaces and Surveillance for the devotees at temples situated at the bathing ghats.

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