Best Time Visit Golden Temple Amritsar

Best Time Visit Golden Temple Amritsar

The Golden Temple is the most known and famous Gurudwara of the Country. It is one of the key religious places for Sikhs in Amritsar.

Morning Visit

Depending on your level of religious passion, any time is a good time of day to visit. If you are the one who wishes to avoid getting into endless queues, then you should come early morning at 4 AM or late at night is great to go to the temple.

You will get to witness the installation or returning ceremony of the holy book of the Sikhs, the Sri Guru Granth Sahib, which is a pleasant bonus. You should avoid weekends. And also all Sikh and Hindu festivals must be avoided. Any festival, be it Gurupurab or Diwali, festivals are celebrated with great passion in the City, So it is not advisable to visit during the festivals.

Afternoon Visit

If it is possible, plan your visit so that it coincides with the daily afternoon ‘langar’. As it is known that the Golden Temple runs one of the largest Kitchens in the world and serves the delicious meal to around 100,000 people daily. This meal is prepared by volunteers knowns as “Langar”

Evening Visit

But if you visit the Golden Temple at night, it would be a pleasure for you. It would be peace to both eyes and soul to see this beauty at night. The Golden Temple looks beautiful at night and the Sarovar around the Temple makes it more eye pleasing. If you have a day at Golden Temple, please make sure that you should definitely visit at night and admire its beauty.

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